With so many options when it comes to choosing supplementary education, students and parents naturally want to know what sets us apart from the alternatives. Although we would much rather show you through direct engagement, we’re happy to elaborate upon what makes us confident in our premier quality services.

Our customer service is unmatched, we dare you to find another group of educators who will work harder for students than us. We know how challenging it is for young adults to blaze the trail forward and so we provide support for our students that extends far beyond the classroom.  We respond as soon as possible 24/7 to requests so vigilantly that we might as well cancel the business number as it’s all but guaranteed that students and parents contact us directly through our personal numbers and emails. As you can imagine, it can get pretty hectic and the amount of caffeine we consume to support our business practices is absurd but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Students can’t thrive in a vacuum and so we are proud to provide a warm and accepting environment, that could probably see a vacuum more often, where students are encouraged to learn and grow through all means. Education is far more than knowledge acquisition. It’s also developing the ability to identify, and live by, our personal value structures so that we seek the appropriate skills and knowledge to enrich our lives honestly. The goal of education should not be to simply get the best grade, it’s critical that students discover their personal interests, talents, and weaknesses so that they can self-actualize and meet their true potential. It’s with this sentiment in mind that we maintain a safe open-minded environment for students to discover new ideas, challenge their perceived limitations, and grow alongside their peers.

I suppose you’ll want to know a bit about us as well. We are two generations of educators with over four decades of experience between us. Our cumulative time working with students has affirmed our belief that meaningful learning thrives through emotion. Whether positive or negative, through joy or dread, we remember best the things that move us; the brain pays no mind to the boring. The people who move us the most, typically care about us the most. We treat our students like family, getting to know them so that we can present information in a way that is relevant to their personal experiences. We approach every student with understanding, compassion, and patience which creates ample time and space to share personal moments and connect more deeply as a student and teacher. At times students won’t even realize they’re learning! Suckers.

Oh, yea. We’re also a business. We are educators first and foremost with very little interest in business. Our pricing is simple and direct and we conduct ourselves honestly with integrity and transparency, always putting the customer first.

Whether you’re a “straight A” student looking to stay ahead or you’ve fallen behind a bit, which is totally relative, and need to catch up, we will help you achieve your current goals and help you realize future ones.